Did you know?


Each year, millions of users in the Education network use our solutions hundreds of millions of times.

Our solutions are used on several continents and they are available in several languages: English, French and Spanish.

We are very proud to have a clientele that encompasses establishments from the smallest size (colleges with less than 100 students) to establishments of great size (universities of more than 50,000 students).

Partner of Educational establishments

Skytech Communications is a creative enterprise with multiple talents.

A veritable revolution in the way things are done and communication in education, our solutions enable establishments to be more efficient and to better serve their clientele.

The success that we have known for more than 20 years rests on the creative and friendly solutions that we have to offer to the Education Network. We offer:

  • The most complete Management solutions for Educational establishments
  • The most evolved Online Services in Education that change the lives of millions of individuals
  • The Social Portals for Education that connect your students, teachers and staff, and which gives them access to all of the services you have to offer
  • The Mobile solutions that keep your students and faculty connected to your establishment at all times

A relationship built on trust

Talk to Educational establishments that do business with us and you will understand why our reputation exceeds the great Quality and User-friendliness of our solutions.

We aim for nothing less than Excellence in terms of the quality of the service we offer our clients. With Skytech Communications, your educational establishment benefits from:

  • A Turn-key implementation of the services that you choose
  • Training and Private coaching for your administrators
  • Continuous technological Updates
  • Technical support for your designated system administrators
  • Monitoring 7 days/week of your offered solutions

We are green

All the solutions we develop are created with consumption reduction in mind.

Whether it involves personalized electronic letters, electronic transcripts, online invoice payment, or searching for better carpooling partners based on geo-localization and the students’ schedules, your Educational establishment will take a step in the right direction to contributing toward a greener planet.