Life is beautiful !

Being part of a company that continuously innovates, creates products that change the lives of millions of persons, makes life feel good.

We only have one life to live. That is why we see big and we give the best of ourselves in an environment filled with respect and good spirits… because certain things such as being happy at work are priceless.

We are green

These are not just words. All of the products that we develop are also aimed at reducing consumption in the Education sector.

We also try to do our part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

» Public transportation

We are located just a few steps away from a metro station.

As a thank you to our employees who use public transportation to get to the office, we reimburse them their monthly pass fees.

» By foot or by bicycle

Some of our employees completely wipe out motor pollution by living close enough to the office that they can walk or ride their bike to work.

To thank them, we reimburse 4 months of their rent each year, or a portion of their down-payment on a condo or a house.

A Stage or a Summer job in Computer science?

  • You are studying in Computer science
  • You are searching for a really stimulating Stage or Summer job?
  • Our Stages and Summer jobs in Computer science are among the most sought after in the industry
  • We integrate Interns in real development teams
  • You will have the opportunity to learn and to grow like you would never have imagined possible…

Submit your candidacy to

Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

Talent wanted

At Skytech Communications, we recruit passionate individuals committed to giving their best in order to contribute towards creating solutions that change people’s lives and aiming for excellence in terms of the quality of the service provided to our clients.

We value talent, creativity, the ability to work in a team and the desire to provide exceptionnal service to our clients.

You don't see your dream job, but you want to work with us?

Feel free to submit your application and send your résumé to

Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

A stimulating and rewarding workplace

We believe that happy employees translate into satisfied clients, and that smiles and laughter are contagious.

That is why we have created a friendly work environment that is in constant evolution, bathed in natural light, that promotes collaboration and the desire to strive to surpass one’s self.

Being part of Skytech, means being part of a big family where cooperation and teamwork are at the heart of our values.


Go on. Play a game of babyfoot against our director, or spend your lunch hour under a tree on the water front. We are located across from one of the most beautiful parks in Montreal.

Don’t forget to participate in one of our many activities. They range from ball hockey to a lunchtime walking club, not to mention the restaurant outings, the movie club, the reading club, etc.

We Learn something new every day

Learning is part of everyday life at Skytech. In order to promote daily interaction and learning, we are set up in small teams where the members are constantly working together.

We have also put into place a mentoring program where each new employee is matched with an experienced employee who is there to guide them and answer their questions.

Our employees have the opportunity to perfect their knowledge through a number of courses taught regularly in-house. Our more experienced employees also have the opportunity to design training sessions in their area of expertise in order to promote excellent sharing of knowledge.

Work-Life balance

We believe in Work-Life balance. At Skytech, we strongly believe in the importance of personal development, and we feel that it can be achieved through the formidable challenges we surmount day to day in our work, as well as through the good times shared with our friends and families, through our trips and passions. We believe that taking full advantage of everything life has to offer should not be an activity reserved for retirement.

This philosophy is reflected in the way we take on life at work. We recognize that each situation is unique, and whenever possible, we adapt the working conditions according to the particular needs of individuals.

We value each one of our employees

We value each of our employees because we are convinced that they are the essence of our success.

That is why, in addition to an exceptional working environment, we offer excellent conditions of employment and a full range of benefits.

Being part of a winning team also means benefitting from winning conditions.

And so much more…

  • Parking for our employees
  • Environment that promotes well-being at work
  • Recreational and cultural outings